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Bell Posts Poll Gains

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Booker Falls in Poll


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Democrat Darling candidate, is in trouble.

The Conservative Campaign Committee announced today that a recent poll shows Cory Booker fading against political newcomer, Jeff Bell. Bell has gained four points in less than a month to trail Booker by nine, 48% to 39%.

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BookerObamaFistGrab Obama Factor undeniably hurting Booker in NJ poll

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October 22, 2014, Wednesday

HUNU to Ebola Troops


American troops were used as Guinea Pigs in the 1950s. We urge the Generals of the Joint Chiefs NOT TO PERMIT THIS TO OCCUR AGAIN. DEFY this President, sirs!

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 October 17, 2014, Friday

Between the Lines

Hear Us Now USA welcomes radio host and blogger Nancy Astin to fold.

Nancy hails from South Jersey, and is as impassioned about saving America from itself as any patriot could possibly be.

Click here to follow her new column, "Between the Lines".


October 11, 2014, Saturday

Al Franken
Not-so-funny Al Franken falling in polls

Franken Free Fallin'

Funny man Al Franken is just one of many Democrat "sure-thing" winners in the upcoming Senatorial elections whose prospects are growing dimmer by the day. Thom Tillis in North Carolina, Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Corey Gardner in Colorado, Jeff Bell in New Jersey and now Mike McFadden are all showing very well in polling against well-known Liberal Democrat opponents. Click here to read our story about Mike McFadden.


October 5, 2014, Sunday

MOTWA Winner for week of 10/4/2014

This week's winner is a Prime Minister who thinks recognizing a Palestinian state will end their jihad against Israel.

Stefan Lofven
Vilken idiot

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 He supports the very people who murdered three teenagers this summer, which act launched Israeli Protective Edge. 

He supports these people, who have as immigrants QUADRUPLED his country's violent crime stats...and who, as a people, rape women 20x more than indiginous men do.


 Who is this man?


October 8, 2014, Wednesday

Satire Alert

SardoniCON Reports!

America's First Golfer gets a hole of his own

USGA Creates New Green to Celebrate Nation's Duffer-in-Chief


We can only applaud the USGA for finally honoring the Commander-in-Chief's penchant for a game of golf. This organization has announced the creation of a new green to celebrate the golfing-est American President ever. Click here for our SardoniCON News report.




September 28, 2014, Sunday

HUNU Exclusive: Q & A with Jeff Bell


New Jersey candidate for U.S. Senate , Jeff Bell

Hear Us Now USA presents an exclusive Q & A interview with New Jersey candidate for U.S. Senate Jeff Bell!  Click here to go to the article.




September 23, 2014, Tuesday

Bell:  NJ Voters Say Booker, BHO Dead-Ringers!

Jeff Bell Gaining Ground

drEvil minime2
NJ Voters Not Loving CiC Dr. BHO-Evil nor his Mini-Me, Booker

Cory Booker has outraised Republican Jeff Bell 100 to 1. Yet, a Fairleigh Dickinson poll shows, between the numbers, that voters aren't exactly embracing "BHO-Two", i.e., Senator Booker.

Why cannot "Golden Boy" Cory Booker, son of Civil Rights activists, with a silver-spoon education that goes from Stanford, to Yale, and Oxford, put Jeff Bell away?

The PublicMinds polls clearly indicate that New Jerseyans feel almost as bad about Cory Booker as they do his best friend and mentor, the President.

We certainly have seen enough of both of these gentlemen.

We endorse Jeff Bell. Click here! 



September 7, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week 9/7/14

Believes Islam a Formula for World Peace

We keep thinking a Republican is due to make his or her way into the MOTWA winners' circle. But the Democrat Party's lip-lock on Arab/Muslim cash makes their membership do and say some very moronic things.

This week's winner was the Keynote Speaker at the Islamic Society of North America mini-Mecca in Michigan. He said that adhering to the Quran will doubtlessly bring world peace. Seriously.

Who is this famous moron? Click here!


August 31, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week 8/30

No-Strategy Strategy for ISIS

People in the United States can be flip, disinterested, bored, fresh, spoiled. But we are not so far gone as a folk not to recognize pure idiocy. This winner is a world leader, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who came onto the world stage and stated that he has no strategy to combat ISIS.

Even if true, only a moron would ever admit it. Read more.


August 23, 2014, Saturday

Arkansas DOWN on Pryor!

Tom Cotton Slightly Ahead in Dem Poll

Polled Arkansans may not yet be enthusiastically in love with Tom Cotton. But one thing is for sure: they are DOWN on Pryor, and DOWN on Obama.

Pollster Public Policy Polling revealed the results of a recent poll, that show the following bad news for Democrats. Here it is:

Sixty-two per cent (62%) DISAPPROVE of President Obama's work in office.

Fifty-one per cent (51%) DISAPPROVE of Senator Pryor's work in Congress.

Those are terrible numbers. Now, Democrats can point to the fact that, of those polled, only 40% had a favorable view of Tom Cotton. But what about Senator Pryor? Forty-eight per cent (48%) of respondents had an UNFAVORABLE view of Senator Pryor.

A whopping 60% approval for Governor Mike Beebe. Republicans led the polling for all other contested races. Read more.

Hat tip to the Conservative Campaign Committee and Lloyd Marcus for their heads-up newsletter on this topic. Click here to go to our Tom Cotton endorsement page.


Our Endorsed Candidate Wins in the Minnesota Gubernatorial Primary!

Jeff Johnson to Oppose MN Dem Governor Dayton

After two disappointing losses in Kansas and Tennessee, Hear Us Now USA's endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson found his way into the winner's circle.

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, Johnson garnered 30% of the Republican vote. Of the three he defeated, Scott Zellers, his closest opponent, Scott Zellers, collected 24%

Governor Mark Dayton cruised to victory over two challengers. He collected 93% of Democrat primary voters.

Johnson, in a Twin Cities Dot Com report, said that he was interesting in ending "this obsession with anger and envy over income differences." He added that he would be searching for solutions that give poor people opportunities to succeed. Celebrating the successful is important in society, he said. But Johnson add that he would "never ever giving up on people who are poor.

Democrats at every level of government have mounted the "Rich versus the Middle Class" mantra. Amanda Curtis, the Montana Democrat nominee, uttered this moments after her selection in a special convention on Saturday, August 17. Dems believe that Americans of middle or median income will identify with a "me-first" strategy of punishing the rich through higher taxes, and by-passing the poor.

We salute Jeff Johnson for attacking that philosophy while under the hot lights of celebration. Read more.


August 24, 2014, Sunday

Moron of the Week


This week's MOTWA winner's circle was in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Our winner, a high-ranking official in his state, allowed more than a week of racial unrest after the shooting death of 292-lb, 6'4" 19-year-old Michael Brown, an African American, before he imposed street curfews for epicenter Ferguson, Missouri.</>

Then, he surrendered the police officer to the race-baiters and seething media apologists for Black America in a video message that will live in history as a nadir of pusillanimous political posturing and pandering.

Who is this person? Read more..


August 13, 2014,Wednesday

Ballot Confusion
Cantor & Dem. Gov. McAuliffe: Intentional Ballot Confusion

Cantor Clocks Out

So-called "Conservative" Eric Cantor resigns from Congress, and leaves voters with a double-ballot-entry fog of confusion. Hear Us Now USA asks, "why? Read more.


Satanic Celebrations

Celebrating a missile attack on a SCHOOL BUS? On TV? Who in God's name would do such a thing?

We'll give you a clue...not the Jews...not the Christians...not the Hindus...not the Sikh...not the Buddhists.

Give up? Read more.


Bring Our Marine Home Now!

We certainly hope you don't have to be an alleged deserter, or a Guatamalan "orphan" child at the Mexican border to get the Commander-in-Chief off his duff and working on your behalf.  Yet, this certainly seems to be the case when it comes to Andrew Tahmooressi, Sgt. United States Marine Corps.  Andrew, under treatment for PTSD after two tours in Afghanistan, made a wrong turn that took him to a Mexican border crossing--in his possession was a legal handgun.  He has been in Mexican prisons since March of this year.  Please click here to help his mother, Jill, and family raise money to get him out of Mexico.  Call your Congressman ad Senators if you can find the time.  To sign this petition to Congress, click here.