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December 3, 2015


Russia buries Lt. Col. Oleg Peshkov, who was killed by ISIS-friendly Syrian Turkmen after Turkish F-16s shot his jet down. He was on the way to bomb ISIS.


Hero Pilot Peshkov Laid to Rest

Vladimir Putin says US is the unseen hand behind NATO-member Turkey's air attack on a Russian SU-24 bomber that took the life of one Russian pilot.Click here for that story in "Xinhuanet".






November 26, 2015


Russian President Putin: US pulling Turkey's strings

"Terror's Helper...."

Putin Points

SU-24 in flames after Turkish F-16s attack

at US

Vladimir Putin says US is the unseen hand behind NATO-member Turkey's air attack on a Russian SU-24 bomber that took the life of one Russian pilot.Click here for that story.






November 22, 2015

Vienna; Sarajevo

Bosnia & Austria uprooted an ISIS control center in Bosnia


"Operation Palmyra"

Takes Down

Terror Town

This sleepy Balkan village was really a control center for ISIS-Jihadi missions into Europe.Click here for that story.



November 22, 2015

Munich; Berlin

Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel
Horst Seehofer FLAMES Merkel on her "refugee" policy

Angela's Ashes

Merkel Fumes as Seehofer Flames

Angela Merkel was the guest speaker at her Christian Democratic Union's sister party's convention on Friday. She got a bouquet of flowers, a commemorative gift from the Christian Social Union (CSU). She also got a slap in the face that will soon reverberate in Berlin's parliament.Click here for that story.

November 21, 2015

Vienna, Austria

Heinz-Christian Strache suggests island prison colony for Jihadis
Heinz-Christian Strache suggests a Mediterranean Sea island prison colony for Jihadis

Devil's Island Redux

Strache: Jihadi Island Prison

Heinz-Christian Strache wants heightened cooperation with Russia, and an island lock-up for terrorists.Click here for that story.





November 11, 2015

Vienna, Austria

Barbed wire at Slovenian-Croatian border
Domino Effect: Germany begins border controls, Austria in turmoil, Slovenia acts to stop illegal aliens.



Slovenia reacted to the heat it has taken for permitting illegal aliens free access to its borders with Austria by walling off Croatia.Click here for that story.

November 10, 2015

Vienna, Austria

Heinz-Christian Strache
Freedom Party Chief Strache has had enough--he sued the government Monday for abuse of constitutional authority

Third-Party Leader Sues Austria

Refusing to enforce the law of the land, admitting illegal aliens into the country, giving them state-sponsored bus-rides throughout the country, and letting them trample down border controls--Heinz-Christian Strache took his complaints to court in Vienna yesterday....Click here for that story.

November 7, 2015

Vienna, Austria

Hermann Greylinger
Greylinger: Issues Government Border Cop Ultimatums

Fix this Border Situation NOW

Top Union Cop Hermann Greylinger has issued a ticking ultimatum: give Cops what they want re: benefits and additional bodies on the border, or things get ugly on December 1. Click here for that story.

November 6, 2015

Sumte, Lower Saxony

Sumte sign
Merkel: sends 1,000 Arabs to a poor town of 103.

Death of a Town

Angela Merkel sent 1,000 refugees to a back-water, struggling town of 103 people. They started arriving three days ago, on November 3, 2015. Three weeks ago "die Welt" covered a townhall meeting of its residents with the Government-sent Crisis Manager. Click here for that excellent story.

November 4, 2015


Merkel: border violence will occur
Merkel: border violence will occur.


Angela Merkel has just folded her "open arms" policy regarding the Arab invasion/influx refugee crisis. Now looms the possibility of WAR, she says. Click here for our story.

November 2, 2015


Seehofer and Merkel come to agreement on refugees
Seehofer and Merkel are in agreement on Arab influx.


Angela Merkel has said repeatedly that her "open arms" policy regarding the Arab invasion/influx refugee crisis was the right thing to do. Political pressure from within her own party coalition with the Bavarian Christian Social Union, and from around the country, has brought her to step back from that claim. Click here for our story.

Austria to fortify her borders with fencing and walls
Austria is sparring within and without its borders about--fencing.

November 1, 2015



Austria's Interior Minister responded to fierce criticisms from the Bavarian state government and from the governor of her own state of Styria with a plan to fortify the border. Click here for our story.


NO Fencing

Austrian Chancellor Werner Feymann slams door shut on Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner's border fortification plans.Click here for our story.



October 31, 2015


Meet the man who broke the EU's back--and bank.


Luxembourger Jean-Claude Juncker has been a year in office...and, he has spent all the EU's money. Apparently. He is NOT the man you see to the right. Who is he? Click here for our story.







October 30, 2015


Merkel faces charges of High Treason.


The charges might be spurious, but there are 400 of them. Seehofer, Merkel's CSU doppelganger, is threatening to end his party's partnership with her.Click here for more!






EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker thinks the EU's 17-pronged spear can lance the Arab boil on Europe's backdoors.

October 29, 2015


17 Points of EU Action

The European Commission lashed themselves into action this past Sunday to try to solve the Refugee Crisis/Arab Invasion of Europe. Spurred on by Angela Merkel, who is certainly feeling the heat from her coalition partner Horst Seehofer of the Christian Social Union--who is also Bavaria's governor--this meeting of 17 separate entities have come up with 17 points of action.

Will they work? Click here to read.


Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky: Buy guns, ammo, grenades

Czech Defense:

Lock & Load

In today's world, where Arabs chair the UN Human Rights committee, and the EU seems hell-bent on destroying herself, the Czech Republic has just sent 45-million Euro message: Guns, Ammo, Grenade-launchers and trucks. Click here for that story.




Seehofer: Germany and the EU on the brink of collapse

October 26, 2015


EU, Germany on the Brink

Horst Seehofer, Bavaria's governor and head of the political party that helped bring Angela Merkel to power, says that the EU and Germany stand just before an epic political collapse. We say: get some short positions on the EURO! Click here for our translation "Part One" of Seehofer's critical interview on German Public TV "2", the "Now What?" show with Peter Frey and Bettina Schausten.



Erdogan holds up his Muslim Brotherhood four-finger wave

October 19, 2015


EU "Action Plan" w/ Turkey:

Turkey will receive €2.2 Billion

The other shoe has dropped.

After bi-directional, high-level meetings by Turkey with the EU and NATO on October 5th-6th, 2015, a deal has been reached.

Turkey will now enforce its borders with Europe, and will receive €2.2 billion in cash and a streamlined visa process for Turkish nationals traveling to Europe, according to a Friday, October 16, 2015 in "die Presse" of Austria. (Click here for our story.)

NATO & Turkey toying with a brain-dead Europe--but who pulls their strings?

NATO Sells Out Europe

October 17, 2015

What could be worse than finding out that not only is your (EU) government completely inept, but that your joint military force (NATO) is playing border-buster with the bully-nation next door?

Read our Commentary, "NATO Cloak Turkish Dagger" Click here.




October 11, 2015

Turkey Wins

Turkey Conquers Europe by Arab

Merkel and the EU are Helpless Before Turkey's Streaming Human Weapons.


Angela Merkel said in her hour-long interview on the "Anne Will" show that Europe must grant Turkey what she wants. Sounds like "uncle" to us. Click here to read our translation of her interview from die Presse of Austria.



October 5, 2015


Vienna Calling


Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner

Austria's Left-Right Coalition in Trouble

Germany's smaller German-speaking neighbor is moving rapidly to a showdown with its electorate. Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner has put the Social Democrats and Chancellor Werner Faymann on notice, and distinctly. click here for more!




Bundeskanzlerin Merkel has sold out her country.

Merkel Commits Political Suicide

Germany to take in 800,000 Arabs sent by Turkey

Angela Merkel, one of Germany's greatest-ever Chancellors, has tarnished every accolade she has ever received. For she has betrayed the German people like no Chancellor since Social Democrat Friedrich Ebert at the end of World War I.

Click here for more



Syria's Business

Russia's navy is firing at terrorists in Syria.

Russia Returns to Middle East

What is Russia doing in the Middle East? Upsetting all of Barack Hussein Obama's plans, perhaps, like wiping out Syrian Christians and Jews there?

We at Hear Us Now USA certainly hope so. Click here for more!




NATO Complicit in Refugee Flood

One nation, and only nation, could have caused this problem.  One nation has an axe to grind against Europe like no other.

Russia? Well, they might be involved--payback for the Ukraine--but these Arabs are not coming across Russia.  Iran? Same as Russia.

There is only one nation capable of shielding this many people and sending them in covered trucks on to Europe.

That one nation is a NATO ally, and is threatening the very existence of European culture and its nations.

Click here for more.



MSM, Refugees at Hungary's Gates

Hungary's Prime Ministor Viktor Orban.

On September 17 2015 “The Press” of Austria printed a wide-ranging interview with the Prime Minister of Hungary.

This article is one for the history books--one leader showed backbone, while other European forces simply collapsed before their own fear of censure from a press corps that has gone mad browsing on the jimson weed of globalism and political correctness.

Or, from fear of the armed traffickers that are leading these refugees nearly 3,000 kilometers from their Syrian homeland to the welfare checks of Germany and other "north" lands of Europe.

Click here to read how this one man's example may have saved Europe from.....itself.









UK General Elections Results

Tories Bigger & UK Bluer


PM Cameron
Election 2015 MANDATE: Cameron, Conservatives Rule Alone


May 8, 2015, USA--Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party command enough seats in Parliament--331, eight more than they needed--to run a coalition-less government.

Nicola Sturgeon, head of the Scottish National Party, led a political massacre of Labour in the northern UK, taking every district from them but one. Ed Miliband, Labour's leader, resigned after suffering his Inverness. When the Conservatives had tallied enough votes to lead without sharing power, the Liberal Democrats were then shut out.

Their leader, Nick Clegg, promptly resigned.

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader, resigned when he lost is bid to represent South Thanet.

UKIP certainly heightened pressure on Cameron to commit to a referendum on EU membership, and further added that pressure in the South to Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Both of these parties saw Sturgeon's party snatch seats away in a statement of Scottish nationalism that will yet be heard in Parliament. The elevated debate may well have led to a boost in voter turnout. The Telegraph reported that turnout was the highest in 18 years: 66.1 per cent. Click here for that.

According to graphics at the Financial Times, UKIP is now the third most popular party, having scored a 12.6% of total votes cast. Click here for that.





Election Day, UK

150501 mayday milan

May 7, 2015, USA--May 7. Election Day in the UK.

A glance at the English website The Daily Mirror on Election Day captures an EU-less event.

This election is certainly a plebiscite on government in the UK.  The European Union has become a fearsome boil for many.  Member countries have lost control of their borders to unelected officials.  Seventy per cent of local laws now fall under EU guidance.  Schools and hospitals are noticing the effects of 4,000 per week immigration into England.  Membership costs the UK £55 million per day!The United Kingdom Independence Party was formed in part as an answer to these issues—withdrawal from the EU being atop their list.

Read the Daily Mirror on-line today, and you wouldn't know there ever was an EU. With polls showing Conservatives and Labour neck-and-neck at 33% each, perhaps a significant number of British folk simply do not care. They cite polling that has UKIP slightly ahead of the Liberal Democrats, polling 11% versus 8%, and make no mention of whether that may be accurate, given last year's UKIP results in the EU elections—27%. Click here for the Mirror.

A year ago in the EU parliamentary elections, upstart UKIP also polled in the low teens, but surprised the field by garnering the highest percentage of voter support; see our graphic above.  One would think that the journalists and editorial board members of the Mirror might have hedged their publication just a tad. The Telegraph are even worse: they outright endorse Cameron, and their front page includes an admonishment by the Prime Minister, who urges voters, "don't do something you will regret." Mr. PM, come again? Click here for the Telegraph.

A clue to the thinking at the Mirror might be their interesting rankings of modern U.S. Presidents from worst to first. Ben Taylor of the Mirror ranks Ronald Reagan no better than fourth, with Lyndon Baines Johnson their top pick.


Barack Hussein Obama is fourth worst—an unbelievable boost for a man who has been the worst American president of all time—skyrocketing American debt from $8 trillion to $18 trillion in just six years, and piloting a foreign policy that has given the world the ISIS reality beheading/atrocity show. Oh, yes...their number two? Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Really, Ben? LBJ over FDR is truly unforgivable.









Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

150501 mayday milan

May 1, 2015, USA--May 1st has become a ritual celebration of Leftist unity. 

2015 was quite a photo-op for media as this international cadre misbehaved all day long, around the clock, with rocks, Molotov cocktails, brawlers, fire-bombers, as seen here to the right in Milan earlier today.

We have come to call May 1st "May Day."

But it's homophonic doppleganger, "mayday," means something completely different.

Or, does it?

Click here for our story.





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